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2016 Policy & Advocacy Platform

What makes a city livable?  2015 brought progress in the blight fight, sidewalk funding, and other areas. This year, in addition to transportation, placemaking, and community development programs, we’re focusing on: redevelopment strategies like stabilizing vacant houses for future reuse; expanding incentives and funding for infill redevelopment and affordable housing; and promoting mortgage lending in low and moderate-income neighborhoods. 

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Member Spotlight

Alcy Ball Development Corporation, commonly referred to as ABCD, is a non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) status. The mission of ABCD is to promote prosperity and health of the Alcy-Ball community through spiritual, economic, social and educational development.   

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About Us

Community Development Council of Greater Memphis (CD Council) is a coalition of organizations and individuals who support the development and redevelopment of healthy, vibrant, attractive, and economically sustainable neighborhoods throughout the Memphis region. We accomplish this through policy and advocacy; community engagement and civic engagement; and capacity building programs for community development organizations. 

Livable Memphis, a program within CD Council, promotes the same priorities with a special focus on growth and development issues – including land use and transportation – and on increasing public participation in planning and development decisions. 


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