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Livable Memphis Mission

  • Livable Memphis - which represents a diverse group of local stakeholders - supports the development and redevelopment of healthy, vibrant, and economically sustainable communities in Shelby County. We do this by educating residents, building consensus on a shared vision of livable communities, and promoting public policies that further that vision.

Our Values

    Livable Memphis is one of the few local organizations that share and demonstrate many of the same values of community leaders and everyday citizens. These values are the foundation upon which Livable Memphis thrives. Livable Memphis believes in enhancing the Memphis region with balanced development, shared benefits and costs, access and choice, community input and collaboration, environmental protection, and smart spending. Click on the link to read more.

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David, every Labor budget has black holes in it,no matetr which one it is. The cobbled togethercostings of both Labor and the Liberals in theelection campaign was far from convincing,and yes, the independent MP`s confirmedthat both major parties had black holes intheir policy fundings, the Liberals blackhole being greater than Labor`s. I feltthe BER funding fiasco should have beenmentioned in your article to prove thatboth major parties cannot be trusted,neither can either of their leaders.Mate, i dont care whose how to votecards you were handing out to who,i simply made an observation that inview of the fiscal incompetence of boththe Labor government and the alternativecostings of the Liberals that your articlesimply didn`t balance the two arguments.I never said that Abbott didn`t go into theelection campaign halfcocked and with ashoddy set of figures that didn`t get pastthe eagle eyes of Treasury did i?

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